Bestpokercoaching.com is officially closed as announced through numerous channels.

Students that have purchased courses will keep access online until June 2024. You can log-in and continue studying. New signups or purchases are disabled.

Thanks a lot for all of your support over the years!

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Alex VIP Poker Services

Over the years, I helped thousands of players find the best poker room and rakeback deals. I also set up PokerTracker/Hold'em Manager clients and helped whenever there was a tech related problem or anything else poker related.

Most of you already know me. If you're a BPC member, we probably talked at least once via email, skype, telegram or any other channel.
If you need any help, I will be happy to do so even after BPC is closed.
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Click HERE or simply add @AlexVIPSupport on telegram
To chat with me on Discord, simply add me at alex_vipsupport

Email and Website

Write me an email at contact@munteanualex.com or alex.munteanu90@gmail.com
You can also check my websiteI will periodically update it with useful information - CLICK HERE